Rescue Diver Course

Learn How To Prevent Emergencies & Become The Diver That Others Rely On With The SSI Rescue Diver Course In Ermones, Corfu.

Getting the SSI Rescue diver course will be one of the most challenging & rewarding of SSI certification courses available. The SSI Rescue diver course improves your skills and confidence as a diver & is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to identify, manage & prevent diver or scuba diving emergencies as a result this course is slightly more demanding than the SSI Open Water, or Advanced Open Water as you might possibly have to rescue multiple people while still in the water and potentially out of it, but it is also a lot of fun because your instructor can develop rescue scenarios that will challenge and engage your level of awareness, water skills and general fitness.

The course also teaches you to have more awareness of other divers and the problems that can occur; most importantly you will learn how to recognise potential danger before it becomes an emergency so you'll be able to efficiently manage scenarios such as diver stress, panicked swimmers or an unconscious diver.

The Rescue diver course is often quoted as being one the best scuba diving courses a diver can complete, with the simulated rescue scenarios concentrating on serious subjects whilst having fun and therefore making you a much more visibly aware diver and source of knowledge for those with lower levels of training.

Course Pre Requisite:

  • Minimum 12 Years of Age
  • Have the SSI Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organization).
  • Hold a current/valid first aid and CPR qualification within the last two years.

Duration: 2 days